FP+ and Rider Swap Question

We will be travelling with our toddler but also want to do some adult rides i.e. Soarin’…do we both do a FP+ and walk up to the CM to get the rider swap ticket? Or since it’s an hour window, we just do FP?

I’m so confused, LOL.

If you only have two adults and a tot, you only need one FFP for the one adult to ride the first time.
You schedule it. You then go to the ride, present tot and ask for a swap pass . The first adult used the FFP to ride alone accessing the FFP entrance. You swap the tot. Second adult then uses the swap pass to ride. The Swap pass rider also uses the FFP entrance.
The concept is when you have a.too little or too young shortie, you only have one wait

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The other times my family has gone to Disney, one adult that didn’t ride rides that stayed with the younger children. This time we go, that will not be the case. My travel agent said when she rode Space Mountain and a few other rides, the child swap was in the ride and everyone riding had to have a FP+. Has anyone else ran into this? I don’t want to miss out on some of the adult rides because I only schedule my husband for the FP+ adult rides, while I am scheduling me and the kids for kiddy rides.

Yes, EVERYONE riding the first time must have a FFP to ride. Without a FFP for all riders, you must use the standby line, The child swap pass does nothing to reduce the wait time on the first group ride for the eligible family members.

Some attractions aren’t giving out the actual swap pass until well into the wait queue (standby or FFP) so folks won’t collect up passes to all use later as substitute FFPs.

The return riders (up to 3) use the child swap and return through the FFP line instead of the standby.
It will make more sense when you use it. There is frequently bad information posted from folks who have not used the system or created some type of drama to demand an exception to the practice.

I was told that you needed a fast pass for the adult staying with the child (that would be riding second) because on some rides, depending on the cast member, might make the 2nd adult scan and wait in line and just switch the kid after the first one rides. Has this happened to anyone? (Space Mountain? or any other ride)?

At DLR, if the child is too short for the ride, the CM will not let you enter the line with him/her. I would assume that the policy is the same at Disney World. So I don’t know how everyone would get in line together, unless the child were tall enough and just didn’t want to ride.

You were told wrong. It will be clear once you use it. It really isn’t complicated.
For the second ride, the adult who didn’t ride the first time ride by using the Swap pass and they enter the ride through the FFP.entrance… The swap pass technically acts as a FPP, kinda but without a return time for the second ride.

so, just to be clear, only the person or people riding the ride first need a fast pass and the other adults that want to ride will go through the fast pass line with the rider swap ticket?

yes, as long as there are no more than 3 people in the 2nd group. That’s all the rider swap covers. We did this many times on our trip in Feb and the 3 people in the 2nd group never needed their own FPs. You can use this to your benefit by getting different FPs, even different tier 1 FPs, and getting to go on both.

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Yes, as Felicia said.

That’s good to know because I’ve heard conflicting info as well. There are some people who have said SDMT CM’s require the entire party to have FP+ to get a Rider Swap.

I definitely did SDMT with rider swap, and I didn’t have a FP of my own for that.

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