FP+ Am I the only one?

Hopefully it would be something you could purchase separately from your tickets, so you could buy 2-3 days of Lightening Your Wallet Pass and use it on some days.

Right now my party has 10-day tickets and if we can only get it as an upgrade… yikes.


that’s what i was thinking. I do longer trips every couple years and I’m already on the cusp of being priced out as it stands.


I prefer longer vacations, but I still do only 5-6 park days of commando touring. I can’t afford any more, though. I have high expectations for my ROI and I’m close to the ceiling.
We are a party of 8-10 mind you.


sheeeeeeesh. that sounds like a lot of wrangling through the parks. you’re practically a tour guide

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Pretty much.
But we live a commando lifestyle so they are all in. :+1:.


ROFL :smile::rofl::grin::rofl::smile::rofl:


It’s interesting, club level is priced almost 600 a night over regular rooms at a lot of the resorts. I wonder if that’s how you get the “free” lightening pass.

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That is not a typical price difference between regular and CL rooms. Even at peak season I reckon it’s maybe $200-300. I happened to check availability just today for december. right now that they reopened CL bookings, at BWI it’s about $650 vs $950. At Contemporary, for mid december there is hardly any difference because the regular rooms are scarce basically maxed out at around $1k, same price for a CL room.

I don’t believe they would give free passes unless they are available for all resort guests in some form, then you might get more through CL. But if it’s a product like Lightning Pass that has been anticipated, it’ll cost for everyone, there might just be perks or additional options for CL.

I’m sure there was a more general FP thread but can’t find it, so I’ll put this here instead.

First off, from what has been posted recently from people who really do have contacts from within the company, if you’re interested in what the new system might look like you might want to familiarise yourself with the Shanghai system.

It looks similar to the DLP model that I’ve been a fan of for a while, except that Shanghai has a lot more rides with fastpass than DLP so is perhaps more relevant to WDW.

DLP has about 9-10 rides altogether with fastpass so there are only three sets of FP bundles available - family, thrill and all. Shanghai meanwhile has bundles of 3-4 rides.

Here’s my take on this. If you think of the tiers at Epcot, DHS and AK then the Shanghai bundles seem to have one ride in each which is the ‘outlier’ - the one that maybe not everyone interested in that bundle particularly wants. A way to spread the load a bit, so if you want Jungle Cruise, Pirates and Mansion then you get one for Magic Carpets! (Not really - I don’t think the carpets have FP but it illustrates the point well enough).

I believe at Shanghai you can purchase the bundles once you get to the parks. WDW are seemingly keen on a timed return time like FP / FP+ At DLP some tickets allow you to add the FP option in advance and there is no return time. Take from that what you want - personally having to wait until you’re in the park doesn’t suit me and I hope that’s not the case (see below).

Also from those with contacts within Disney, it’s likely that you’ll only be able to do each ride once with the FP option, (unless you then pay for each subsequent time as an individual ride). And definitely no unlimited option, that seems to be off the table at any price.

And there will be “a small pool of free FPs”. But no one has said anything yet on what that looks like. when the new system will start or what, if any, FP advantages onsite guests will get. Or the cost.

My take on onsite FP perks is that it might be limited to allowing people to purchase in that 30 minute early entry. Which is why I don’t like the sound of it. I’d rather they offered onsite guests the chance to buy them in advance. Even in the morning before the parks opened would be better, IMO.


If only on-site guest get to buy it will make the rest have a miserable experience. Maybe I’m misunderstanding?

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Ouch., I am reading this.
The per ride cost is $20 in Shanghai.

This article shows them being less than $10/attraction.

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Do they charge to get into the park still? Or do you pay to park, get in, and if you want to cut a line you pay more? b/c this doesn’t sound fun at all!

This is on top of admission. I believe there is a free VQ option too.

I’m starting to think I should find an intervention program for my Disney obsession and sell the DVC now. If the share holders and CEOs need all that money… I don’t know if I want to contribute to that type of greed. but I know they are trying to price out the crowds and I might be one of them.


I absolutely hate all this talk of paid FPs. There are 3 of us and we go for 14 days and you want us to pay $10 for every FP? It’s a big nope from me.


I wonder if families will start to “dumb down” their resort stays for the cost of a FP+ should it come down to it? Might be an interesting poll. So it might cost an additional $150 per day for a family of 4 for the FP+. So would you let’s say drop down from a moderate to a value? Just seems for budgets, families would change their resort stays to offset the rising costs. I just don’t see people staying away completely if they have been avid Disney fans.

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I actually don’t think it will go to an all paid option. The fact that FPP is free versus having to pay at places like UOR is a big selling point for the otherwise very expensive Disney. I don’t think they’ll want to lose that appeal, when everything else is almost priced out of reach for many. But, I do think they’ll continue to offer more “pay to play” type things, and expect more expensive options to arise. That’s how I felt when I heard that people could book FPP 90 days out in some circumstances (it’s been so long I can’t remember what…I think very deluxe parts of deluxe resorts?).

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Yes, Club Level at Deluxe and at CSR Gran Destino can get up to 6 FP+ 90 days out (if they keep that pilot program going after FP+ returns).


Every other park in the Orlando area is still selling APs, there have been some bargains too. Disney is the only one not selling APs. I’m not sure what their strategy is here?!?