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I usually build my own TP, but this being our first trip to DLR I’m “optimizing” a bit more. Why does the software show I can be holding a FP (Small World) with entry for 2:45-3:45pm and at 2:46pm I can acquire another FP for Matterhorn Bobsleds? I thought the holders had to redeem the FP before booking another. No? Is it just to be within the redemption timeframe? I’d like to know for when I don’t “optimize” my TP. Thanks!

You just need to be in the window to pull a new one. We love to pull our next FP before we use the last one to maximize our use

That is correct. If you are using MaxPass you can get your next one as soon as your as your FP time starts. Or an hour after you booked one - if you booked that 2:45-3:45 Small World FP at 1:30, you would be able to look for your next one at 2:30 even though you haven’t used the first one yet.

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So there’s actually a bunch of rules of when your window opens up to get your next FP but instead of learning them, Disneyland has made it really easy & will just tell you (on the Disneyland app or on the printed paper FP reminder if you aren’t using MaxPass) when you can pull your next FP. All you will have to worry about is that time. I find that setting an alarm for it makes it super easy to remember when it’s time to book the next one.

If you’re interested in knowing the exact rules behind it, it goes something like this:

  1. If the return time is 30 min. or less then you can redeem your next FastPass as soon as you have scanned into the attraction or once 30 min. has passed, whichever occurs first.
  2. If the return time is between 31-90 min, then you’ll be able to get your next FP as soon as the window opens (you can potentially scan in 5 min. early to your FP opening up your FP window 5 min earlier, but it’s only 5 min & that doesn’t usually make a huge difference in getting a FP or not).
  3. If the return time is 90+ min AND you purchased MaxPass you can get your next FP in 90 min no matter how much later it is in the day. (i.e. at 10:30AM using MaxPass, you pull a Racers FP with a 5:30-6:30PM return window, at noon you would be eligible to get your next FP even though you won’t ride until 5:30pm. The only restriction on this is you could not get a 2nd FP for the same attraction unless you scan that FP into the attraction).
  4. If the return time is 90-120 min AND you did NOT purchase Maxpass, you can get your next FP when the return window opens (similar to #2 above).
  5. If the return time is 120+ min AND you did NOT purchase Maxpass, you can get your next FP in 120 min. no matter how much later it is in the day (similar to #3 above just slightly different timeframe for those who don’t purchase MaxPass).

If you have any other questions on MaxPass or FastPass or if anything above was confusing, just ask away! We’re happy to help!

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One thing I noticed on our just completed trip is about cancelling and selecting something different. At WDW, if you are holding one and you want a different one, it gives you the option to cancel to select the new one. At DL, if you search and find a new one before you are eligible, it tells you you first have to cancel an existing one. Unless I missed something, you then have to go back and cancel, then search again for the one you want, risking it being gone. Seems like an easy fix for them if they’d want to. I hope they do. That was my only (minor) complaint about MP. Overall, I loved it, loved not doubling back everywhere, and thought it was still worth every penny.