FP 60 Day Window

I sure do miss the days when I had time to research and plan my trips. However, I am so thankful for this forum and the kind people willing to help me out!
FP window opens this week. I cannot remember if the 60 day window means that I will be able to book FP’s for our entire trip or if I will have to log back in for successive days. I remember this happening with something a few years ago but I can’t remember if it was FP, dining, etc.
Thank you!

Length of stay or up to ?9 days (that piece I’m not sure about). But in any case you should not have to log in daily unless you have an exceptionally long trip.

Thank you OBNurseNH. Yesterday was our 60 day window. We have connecting reservations, so I logged in suspecting that I would only be able to make FP selections in conjunction with the first reservation. Pleasantly surprised when I could make selections for both portions of our trip all the way to day 12.
Now I just need to wrap my mind around how to maximize our time. We were pros when it came to ticket FP’s. We did the “best of the best” (sometimes repeatedly) from RD to lunch and were always ready to leave the parks by 1p. The limitations on the wristband FP sure put a damper on that. I’m giving myself a pep talk as this may cause us to slow down and enjoy more. We’ll see…

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