Four parks in one day, critique my plan?

Hi everyone. Long time listener, first time caller. I’ve been lurking around for a few months and I am so grateful for all the awesome and helpful advice and discussion on this forum! I’ve been planning my very first solo trip to the World for about 10 months and it’s almost here! December 1 - 6 I’ll be staying at Pop.

I got it into my head that it would be fun to do all four parks in one day. I’ve been working on my plan of attack for this day for a while, and while I am pretty sure I’m good to go, I was hoping you guys could help me double-check it.

My goal is to at least get one ride and one picture (either character or icon) in each park.

Monday December 3rd.
Early Morning Magic
Alien Swirling Saucers
Toy Story Mania
Meet Jessie and Woody
Slinky Dog Dash
breakfast at ABC Commissary
Tower of Terror (rope drop)

boat/walk to EPCOT
Living with the Land
Meet Joy and Sadness

DINOSAUR (FastPass 1:35-2:35)
Expedition Everest (FastPass 2:50-3:50)
eat at Satu’li Canteen
Flight of Passage (FastPass 5:15-6:15)

Buzz Lightyear
Space Mountain
People Mover
Astro Orbiter
Peter Pan
Haunted Mansion
Big Thunder Mountain

I also have a ticket to Disney After Hours this night, so I’m not super worried about the MK part. I’m mostly just wondering if my morning will work out. Will I have time to do TOT after EMM, hop to Epcot, do LWTL and meet Joy/Sadness, and still make it to AK in time for my DINOSAUR FP? Have any of you done all four parks in one day? Was it fun, or just too much? What would you change about my plan?


I love your plan. It’s impressive. I think it works because of EMM and DAH. But that does make for a very long day.
We have done four parks in one day and it was awesome.
Have fun!!


Wow Early Magic and After hours. That is something I am crazy enough to do. This has to be done solo, there is no way to talk a spouse into joining. Good luck looks like a solid plan.


This looks awesome and crazy at the same time (in a good way). Can’t wait to read the trip report !!! :slight_smile:

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One needs to have a DisneyNerd friend of similar or higher geekiness level (not to mention decent fitness level) in order to do this companioned, IMO. I would place the max at 2-3, if you can find the right party attributes.

Lol, I think on here is the best source of such geekiness. I am very lucky my DW is a Disney fan, however she does have to draw the line somewhere. I know she likes going but I am sure if not for me she would not go as often and I am thankful that she tolerates me. That is why my 4 park day will be solo. Also why I do 1-2 trips a year solo.



Liner Meet Challenge!!! :smiley:

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