Four Park Challenge

Hi awesome new friends! You guys have already helped me a ton with my planning. As you may recall from a post about ADRs, I am planning a Four Park Challenge. I have some questions, that I’m hoping you can help me with.

Our general plan is to do this on a Wednesday in October. It will just be me and DS17. Our schedule will be:

  • rope drop Hollywood Studios and be there from 6:00 am - 8:30 am
  • take the boat and rope drop Epcot from IG and be there from 9:00 am - 11:30 am
  • take the monorail to Magic Kingdom and be there from 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • take a bus to some resort and then to Animal Kingdom and be there from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  1. What are the requirements (or do I create my own)? I’m thinking that I should go on at least one headliner ride, eat something, see at least one character, and see at least one show in each park. Is that enough? Too much?
  2. When do we need to be at IG to rope drop? And what ride is it best/quickest to RD - Soarin’ or FEA?
  3. Is it best to get FPP for MK? I’m thinking we can use single rider for EE.
  4. Are my transportation choices the best options? We will not have a car.
  5. Do you have any other thoughts/suggestions? Am I missing something?

Any and all advice and thoughts appreciated.


#1 - All except shows. Can’t be sure DHS will have shows at EEMH, plus I think adding a show to each park might be too much.
#2 - On a Wednesday in October, probably 20 minutes in advance (maybe even less)
#3 - Yes. This is the peak times for queue. Plus, there’s no Tiers at MK and you’re at that park the longest.
#4 - If you get behind you can take an Uber or Lyft to get you to the next park in half the time for about $10
#5 - Disney Springs doesn’t close until Midnight! You can do it! The Void is AMAZING!!


DS is also included? Yikes! I wasn’t thinking of that… What is The Void? I’ve heard mention of it, but I don’t know anything about it.

This sounds so awesome! Please be sure to post an update after you have completed it!

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Awesome! I’m going to try the same thing when my blockout days are done, but my plan is:

  • drive to AK
  • drive to Epcot
  • monorail to MK
  • bus to HS
  • boat to Epcot

I plan to visit each land and do a complete lap of the park. Do at least one attraction and eat something. I didn’t think about the character. Maybe one character selfie in each park as well.


It’s not just virtual reality. The put you in environments where you touch / interact while wearing vests that let you feel what is happening too.

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How fun! We are doing a four park day next week (not the official WDW 47 challenge). We created our own requirements (I think that makes it more fun). We are attempting for each park to do 3 attractions, eat one snack unique to that park, take a photo with the park icon and meet Mickey (we may add something if we can think of anything else that’s fun). I think what you have planned is doable–last year we did a four park day (we required 2 attractions, 1 character meet and greet, photo with park icon, a magic shot photo and a unique snack) and we had plenty of time.

As far as FPPs we are scheduling them for our second park with the hopes that we can pick up additional ones for our third park and then hopefully our fourth park.

We are only using Disney transportation (that technically is another one of our requirements) but you could use Lyft if you wanted. What you have listed for transportation makes sense to me (although you can get a direct bus from MK to AK). Like you I have allotted 1.5 hours for transportation between parks (just in case).


You don’t have to do DS, it’s obviously not a park. I think @darkmite2 was suggesting it as something else that you could do if you wanted.


The Void is incredible!


Your plan looks good as far as parks. We just did this a few weeks ago, and I would have loved to have EMM at HS!!!

Decide on what your parameters are for you (we do one ride, one photo, one character meet, one pin trade and at least one food item). We allow substitutions for all since there are times not all are possible. And we do not attempt DS on a 4 park day - your feet will be quite sore by the end.

As for Epcot, either FEA or Soarin are pretty equidistant from the IG. Just pick the one you want to do. FEA is even possible right after you do Soarin first (may even have a shorter line!)

I hope it goes well for you guys. My teens look forward to this day every year!


Oh no… I meant add it as part of “The Challenge”. If you are truly trying to do “all” of WDW I think you have to stop at Disney Springs. (Even if you just get a quick snack and walk through it) They don’t close until midnight. It’s feasible to leave AK at 8pm, as planned, and head over to DS for Bubble Waffles at AristoCrepes and a round of The Void.

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It can’t be part of the 4 parks 1 day challenge! It’s not a park!!

It’s totally doable, but the challenge is complete without it.


Hi there! One question for your plan - you suggest taking a bus from MK to a resort, and then taking a bus to AK from there. Why not simply take the bus from MK to AK directly?

Another question (or idea), you could make your original FPs for Epcot, you could probably schedule a 9am, 10am and 11am, and then do some FP changes on the fly to move the times forward as you use them. Then, you can schedule a 4th, 5th, 6th etc at MK. Just a thought, as there will be only two of you, you can find some last minute availability for (2) at MK for mid-day.

My family and I did the Four Park Challenge in early April, we had a blast. We were very tired when the day was over, and we did not start with EEMH. Have fun!


We do it a lot. But I have a car…so it’s way easier.

But you can do it! I highly recommend Lyft or Uber!!


Thanks for the suggestion of the bus from MK to AK. I didn’t know that was an option - it’s been 7 years since I’ve been to the world.

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Hi Dreamer! Thanks for the suggestions. Can you tell me what a magic shot photo is? I’m not familiar with that. I’m trying to refine my requirements, and would like to consider this too.

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This is a magic shot - it’s basically where they add a character to your photo. Holding Tinkerbell etc.


@missoverexcited provided a great example of a magic shot. There are lots of different ones. Sometimes the photopass person will just do them, but often we just ask if they can (not all photopass photographers can do them). I would love to know what requirements you decide on–we still need to refine ours too!


I actually used this option in April on our 4 Park Day. I used it to go back to AK right before park closing and get our car (which was parked there all day). It worked really well, as I got the car and just drove back to MK and picked everyone else up at the drop-off area by the TTC.


Your day sounds like a lot of fun! I’m kind of tempted to do one our last day of our trip, August 29th. We’re already planning to rope drop Hollywood Studios. Conceivably we could:

  • walk to Hollywood Studios from the Swan, stay until we’re done with Star Wars
  • bus to Animal Kingdom and be there maybe 11am-2pm
  • bus to Magic Kingdom, stay from 3pm-5pm
  • monorail to Epcot, enjoy the first evening of Food & Wine from 6pm until we are done for the day
  • boat back to the Swan

Or if there is some kind of reservation system in place for SW:GE, we could book Oga’s Cantina for the evening, start at Epcot and hit MK, AK, and then HS.

My family will probably be the voice of reason though.