Forum oddities

The forums behave oddly sometimes. it is weird.

For example, SOMETIMES a topic that has a new post will have a blue number next to it with the number of new posts since my last visit to the thread.

Sometimes a post will have NO numbers next to it even though it moved to the top of the list, indicating there have been new posts to it.

Sometimes a post will have a gray number and a blue number next to it.

Sometimes when a post has a blue number next to it, I’ll click to read it, but there are no new posts.

Sometimes the little red line demarcating the “last visit” jumps around erratically just by reloading the page.

Sometimes, the little notification area in the upper right hand corner (where my avatar is) has a number indicating new posts involving me. I’ll click on one and then scroll through the entire thread, only to find that the person it says may a new post doesn’t even have a SINGLE post in the entire thread.

Most of the time, things seem right, but these oddities are spurious. Anyone else notice this?

That is a thread you are “following”. That means you have replied or spent enough time on that thread to “track” it.

That would be a thread you have read, or your settings are not set to read everything- but are not following.

That is a thread that you were in but missed new posts (grey) and has since received additional posts.