Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom

Hi, Does anyone know what time the boat starts running from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom, does it run early enough to get to magic kingdom before rope drop and to see the opening ceremony? Thanks


The boat to CR starts around 6:30am. The MK boat starts later. Best strategy is to walk from CR.


Thanks, is the walk far and is it pretty obvious which way to walk, not been to any of the Disney parks before and really want to get to MK for the opening ceremony and hopefully 7DMT without too long a wait!

You’ll arrive at the back of CR. Go through the resort, (don’t go up the stairs, use a ground floor door) out of the front door and turn right. Alternatively veer right through the gardens towards Bay Lake Tower.

The path is marked, it goes through the parking lot initially.

10 minutes walk, there’s a security check near the end of the path.


Thank you, sounds easy enough :grinning: