Fort Wilderness: How to Request a Certain Loop

Hi All. Staying at Ft Wilderness in 7 days. Does anyone know the procedure to request a certain loop in the campground? Any advise will be much appreciated.
LoveToLaugh :slight_smile:

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The touring plan room request worked for us last Aug to request a certain loop we wanted.

I suspect you may have seen the touring plans request fax- but just in case here is a blog post on how to do it. You can add any text you want.

Last year I used he touring plan fax option and got the exact cabin I requested! And that was Thanksgiving week!

Thank you all so much. I have used the fax option before for hotel stays but because the menu doesn’t list the campground separately (it’s under the cabins menu) I didn’t think you could request a certain campsite. I never checked the cabins menu. All this time! I have camped at FW many times and didn’t know you could make requests for campsites!
Anyway, got my request in and it has already been sent. Excited!!
Everyone have a great week!!
LoveToLaugh :):slight_smile: