Fort Wilderness Halloween Decor + Golf Carts Info please

So I’ve booked a cabin (and golf cart) for 10/29-11/4 for next year so I can experience the Halloween decor and golf cart parade. Is there any good information out there about these experiences. If I buy a couple of inflatables, can I have them shipped there since I’m flying? I can do grocery delivery for candy. Do they do the golf-cart drive through tours on multiple days or just Halloween. What time/day is the golf cart parade, just Halloween day? Any info on these events would be lovely. Thanks!

*I do plan to also attend MNSSHP as it’s about the only holiday event I’ve yet to attend (after I attend MVMCP this year) so if you’ve got great info on that I’ll take it too!

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Not sure if I’m allowed to link to another forum here …Tjis place is the best except for knowledge on FW. You will probably get better info on the DIS camping forum.

They have been helpful for my FW specific questions.


Found this:
The parade starts at 5pm but it’s very casual. The year we were in it the parade started about 10 minutes late because the horse/wagon had not arrived yet. I checked the video from last year’s parade and it was 18 minutes in length.

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Actually, the golf cart parade usually happens the day before Halloween. We arrived on the 28th this year and stayed in the cabins - we looped every day in the golf carts and found lots of people had tables with candy out every day, not just on Halloween. It’s lots of fun! Here’s the activities calendar from this year: Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort Halloween 2022 Activity Calendar — Magical Resort Guide

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