Fort wilderness chip and dale Camp fire logistics

Hi Liners!

So i was thinking of doing chip n dale campfire at fort wilderness with the family. I don’t seem to get a real definitive answer the following items. If anyone who has done it could chime in, that would be great.

  1. I have my own car. Is that the best way to get there?
    1b. If not, recommendations on where to park?

  2. Can I even get into the FW parking lot? What do I say if I am not staying there?

  3. looks like there is a small bus ride on FW grounds to get from parking to camp - right?

  4. How long is camp fire before the movie begins?

  5. it sounds like walking to shore/beach you can see river parade/MK fireworks. Is that every night?

FtW has a parking lot for C&D as well as Hoopty, out front at the main entrance. Tell the guard, why you’re there. Internal buses will take you to the camp fire area. There will be signs.

The campfire goes for about an hour before the sing-a-long. Chip and Dale wander around for pictures during the first thirty minutes, then go backstage for a rest. They return for a little stage show before the movie starts.

Timing changes with sundown.

The MK nighttime spectacular now uses lots of projections, which are not visible from FtW beach.

The Electrical Water Pageant goes right by the beach.