Fort Wilderness Campsites Thread

We absolutely love taking our camper down to the fort and was wondering if any other liners out there share our passion.

Oh, and have a question for any other fort junkies out there. We are bringing our golf cart down this year and wondering if the fort has an area (like a ramp) that is ideal to unload one???

I wouldn’t say “passion” yet as May 8-16 will be our first trip to FW. I have a slew of questions concerning the campsite and have a had a hard time finding them on that other forum site. So glad you started this thread and I hope we have more liners join the discussion.

We are not renting a cart and its our first stay, so I’m no help. Staying in Loop 100 or 200. I think that is pretty close to everything but the pool and campfire, and we really can’t spare the cost of one.

My biggest question is which site to request in each loop? and what is the internal bus timing from one end of the campground to the other? We don’t plan to drive to the parks as DS8 is very excited about taking the boat everywhere, so transpo is something I’m trying to work into our daily plan.

@agrady01, when will you be there?

Looking forward to hearing from more camping liners.

I would suggest downloading the FW Sites app by “fort fiends” which has pics of every site. It also has the dimensions of the sites and let’s you know how difficult it is to back into. (Many sites are tight and difficult to back in if you have a big rig). We also searched YouTube and found a few vids that gave us a better idea of how the sites are laid out. Overall we liked the sites located on the right (on the exterior of the loop) in each because they were a little more private. The sites we stayed in were 109 and 212…we liked 109 because it was only two sites down from the walkway down to the marina.

Now, transportation can be a little time consuming without a golf cart (bikes are very handy). We would always allow 45 min to 1 hr from the time you leave your camper. The interior buses run every 15-20 minutes which take you to the front and you have to wait another 20 minutes for the bus to take you to the parks. The boat is the way to go if you are going to MK of course. And you can always hop on the monorail there…we like that a lot although it doesn’t necessarilly save time.

We are going for spring break this year, 3/14-21…34 more days!!!

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I found this on another forum and wanted to share regarding unloading personal golf carts…thanks Bama Ed!

There is a hill that people use.

Once you drive into the Fort and get past the checkin area you will pass the big bus stop (The Outpost Station) and drive by the barn/corral area where they give horse rides (both the corral and bus stop are on the right).

Driving past those and further up on right you will come to a small service road that goes back to the Fort’s shed/shop area. Signs are posted for guests not to enter but the Fort lets us use the nearby hill. There is a hill running about 6-8 feet high parallel to the main road that is covered in grass (I think it was built when the Fort was new to block the view back into the shed/shop area). It is on either side of the service road. If you drive up to the road on the left that goes down through the cabin loops, you’ve gone too far. You only have to drive 10-20 yards on the service road before you get to the hill.

People pull off to the side of the service road and use a portion of the hill in the grass to back their cart off of, say, a pickup truck bed. The slope of it isn’t bad and although I’ve never seen it done, people have posted here in the past about using this hill for that purpose.

Bama ED

Glad you found out how to offload your golf cart @agrady01. Thanks for the transportation info. We only have 2 days that the boat won’t help us, so we can put a little more time in our plan for the buses.

I read elsewhere that the boat doesn’t run to MK on AM EMH days (8AM), but it does run to FWL or CR, so you can go from one of those. We have 2 AM EMHs planned for MK and EP, so this is another thing I have to figure out as far as time planning. Do you know if there is any truth to this or have experience with it that you can share?

Thanks also for the site info. I’ve Google earthed, used TP’s room finder and the FF app. I’m still very confused. We have a 35’ 5th wheel, (and a very confident DH–LOL) that shouldn’t be too hard to park. Since you were close to the walkway in 109, did you find it noisy after park closing? DS is an early to bed kid, so less activity around the site the better.
I’ve sorta narrowed it down to 107, 122, 108, 109, 232, 234 (in order of preference, I think).

I always use the boat to CR in the morning and then walk or take the monorail from there. The boats directly to MK start operating too late for my liking.

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I have also heard of several people that like to drive to the parks from FW. The only time we do this is for downtown disney…just a thought.

The boats should start running 30 minutes before the park opens (7:30 on EMH days). We typically do not go that early so i have no personal experience. I will find out for sure in March and let you know.

Both our DD’s are early to bed as well (9-10 ish) and we had no problems with noise at all. Our bedroom is at the front of the camper and noise was never an issue for us either. Of course, we were completely exhausted after most days and a screaming rocket through our camper wouldn’t have disturbed our slumber :smile:

We have a 33’ travel trailer and while the preferred sites are not as wide as the premium sites, they were still very nice (I think most of them are around 14’ wide). The big deal for us was to be on the outer part of the loop because it is very nice to not have anyone behind you. In the 200 loop i think our site was 214 or 216 which backed up to the waterway and we had deer behind us the whole trip…very cool. Whichever site you get will be a win! That’s the good news.

Found this on the FF forum

On the 100 and 200 loops, try to stick to outside sites. The only one to avoid in the 200 loop would be 236, which is next to the basketball court. Not a bad site, but may be a bit noisy or have basketballs rolling in. In the 100 loop, the sites near the walkway towards the Settlement Store may get a lot of walking traffic if that is a problem.

Thanks for the info. For some reason, I can’t get logged into FF. They’re working on it for me. I also read that about 236.

Hi. We’re staying in a cabin in a few days and will have a car. Is there parking at the pool and/or boat dock? Or do we really need a golf cart?

I’d opt for bikes since the carts are so price, but DH wants a cart for after his Epcot nights.

You can only park your car at the front by check in and at your cabin. They ask that you do not use you car for transportation around Fort Wilderness. You can rent bikes, rent golf carts or take the internal busses. The cabins are at the front third of the resort. Carts are pricey but the best way to get around in my opinion.

There are a limited number of spaces for cars at the meadowland outpost. This is for shopping purposes only.