Fort Wilderness: Campsite + Cabin = close to one another?

Hey Liner Friends,

We’re planning a return trip to the World, and this time our family of 6 will be joined by my parents and my mother-in-law.

My parents are bringing their pop-up camper and staying at a campsite at Ft. Wilderness. Our goal is to stay in one of the Ft. Wilderness cabins.

Because of this, we’re looking for both a CABIN and a CAMPSITE that would be close to one another.

The cabins and campsites are on opposite ends of the campground, except for cabins 118 and 120 that are both on loop 100.

Here’s my question: can you actually stay in cabin 118 or 120? I get conflicting info online.

The Touring Plans roomfinder says this:
“Hands down the best cabins are 118 and 120 on loop 100. These two cabins are the only cabins located on this preferred campsite loop. Its only a three-minute walk to the boat dock and a two-minute walk to Pioneer Hall.”

But others say this about those two cabins:
“There are two cabins located on campsites 118 and 120 in the 100 loop that are used exclusively by Disney management and other corporate types.”

Has anyone here actually stayed in cabin 118 or 120?
If not, has anyone tried to book a cabin and a campsite nearby one another?
I know that you can put in a request with Disney with no guarantee that your request will be granted. Has anyone made special campsite or cabin requests with any success?

Thanks for any and all info you guys can provide.

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