Fort Wilderness camping!

Are there any Fort Wilderness campers here? I am new to this app, so I would love to see what you found helpful from Touring Plans.

Does the bus system have pre-park opening hours?

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Hi! For early transport to MK take the resort boat to the contemporary and then walk over.

We had no trouble getting to EP sufficiently early. For more demanding RD schedules at AK and DHS we chose to drive just to be safe.

You do have to take an internal bus from your site to get to the buses and ferries.

This board is amazing for planning the parks, but there is a forum called Fort Fiends that is completely dedicated to FW and provides amazing support and informtation for planning all things FW.


Thank you! It is for MK, which should be easy…and one for Epcot.

We were at Fort Wilderness last week and were able to do EMM at MK, Morning EMH at MK and RD at AK and EP all using internal transportation. The boat to the Contemporary states that it starts running at 6:30, but we found it to be a little late, regardless, we were able to get there and the walk wasn’t bad at all…still had to wait before they were ready to start checking folks in.
My plans for RD at AK & EP involved being at the internal bus 1.5 hours before RD and we were at the front of the line both times (and we’re talking CL 9/10)…


Following this thread! We are headed to camp at Fort Wilderness for the first time in June. We are planning to do EMM at MK one morning, so good to know I need to take the Contemporary boat and walk. I had assumed the boat to MK would be running early.