Fort Wilderness Cabin request

In MDE, while completing the online check-in, there was a place for cabin requests, but the drop down menu only included loops 2200-2800 and “near pool” as options. I want to request loop 100 and plan to make the request through Touring Plans, but does anyone have a suggestion on how to complete the online check in request? I just left it blank but would like my request noted.

The usual advice is DON’T fill out the app request as it risks overriding your TP request. Keep things simple by only having the TP request. Also just so you know, if the 100 loop is the one closest to the ferry, I would put in a backup request if that’s not available since there are so few cabins there.


Thanks, @Jeff_AZ. I know that there are only two cabins in that loop so my chances of scoring one of them at Christmas is practically nil, but I’m going to ask anyway. Any suggestions for a backup request? I don’t know anything about the other loops.


This page is a good resource. It covers everything you need to know about the cabins, including the best ones to request.

Here’s the relevant section:

Best and Worst Room Views at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Cabins

TouringPlans offers pictures of the view from any Disney resort room on property. Click here for the Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Cabins map and to choose a room to see the view.

Hands down the best cabins are 118 and 120 on loop 100. These two cabins are the only cabins located on this preferred campsite loop. Its only a three-minute walk to the boat dock and a two-minute walk to Pioneer Hall.

Most views in Fort Wilderness be the same: trees, other cabins, and more trees. Because what makes a room good is its location. Loops 2200, 2300, 2800 and 2700 are all located next to a bus stop. On the flip side, these same loops have a bit of a walk to the nearest pool. Loops 2500 and 2600 are located next to a pool but have a longer than usual walk to the bus stop. Unfortunately, all of Fort Wilderness’ loops that have cabins are at least a 10 to 15 minute walk from Pioneer Hall. You can take a bus to Pioneer Hall but we found it usually ends up taking the same amount of time, or less, to walk. Loop 2200 are nearest to Pioneer Hall (but is still a 15 minute walk).

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@MomofVron , in addition to the Touring Plans article @Jeff_AZ shared I would recommend checking out for a couple of other good recommendations.

I have a November trip staying at Fort Wilderness Cabins, we are hoping for the 100 loop, but going to put in for the 2500 loop as a backup. Like you already mentioned, we know the chances are small with only 2 cabins available.