Fort Wilderness and Water Parks....Volcano Bay and Other WPs

We are considering a quick trip down to Orlando in June to stay at the FW campground and hit a few waterparks. Even if we don’t do the Disney waterparks, I am still thinking we stay at FW campground. Anyone stayed recently and will share their experience? Also, anyone know anything about the WPs this summer…I am guessing limited capacity and advanced tickets like the other parks?

thanks for any info!

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We did Volcano Bay in August and loved loved loved it.

  1. They have the virtual ride reservation system so you can do something else while waiting for a ride.

  2. There are very few slides with huge stair climbs. I also don’t remember a lot of hauling tubes up long stairs.

  3. They have this awesome water coaster. You sit in a raft and in several places there are these magnetic things that let your raft go uphill. I thought that was awesome.

  4. In addition to the obligatory lazy river they have a fast river. I forget what it is called, I called it Fierce River. It is like rapids without the boulders.

  5. Food was actually pretty good. Of course, my bar was low because water park food is usually even worse than amusement park food.


That is great to hear. Exciting! We did the Disney WPs a few years back and my son has been asking to do Aquatica and VB since then. I have three boys (13,13, and 4). We are big Universal fans.

I had been a little leery of going at first. In fact, the deciding factor was that I knew we’d need some mask-free time. We have season passes to Six Flags, and it includes the water park. Also, living in Texas the water park season is long. So, I wasn’t certain about travelling a long distance and then going to just another water park.

One thing to watch out for if you want photos. Only one of our bands had worked for photo recognition. It wasn’t a huge problem since we almost always rode as a family. But, next time we are going to stop by the photo booth after being there for a bit.

You have me extra excited to visit VB. I’ve been studying up on all the rides and slides along with the map. Don’t think I’ll try to memorize all the crazy names.

Aqua Coaster & Fearless River :wink: nevermind Krakatau and TeAwa!

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When we were there Krakatau stopped handing out ride times about 2-3 pm. Of course, I think it closed at 5-6pm. I’d ride it first over and over until your family rebels, or maybe that is just me :slight_smile:


Volcano Bay blows the Disney water parks out of the water haha. We did Krakatau at least 8 times. I second going there first and riding it over and over. There are lockers right near there. I do remember being held at a certain point when the park 1st opened because some areas opened earlier than others but it was a couple years ago so I don’t remember the exact details.


We are big rope droppers so should not be a problem. Not sure if we’ll do it 8 times though, phew!

It wasn’t 8 times in a row. After the 3rd time there was a wait so we did other things in between tapping in for that one. Our DD was 5 so she couldn’t do some of the other big rides. It was nice because there were slides that didn’t have much of a line that we could ride anytime.


When do you all suggest arriving at Volcano Bay? 30 minutes before official opening? We’d like to as early as possible. Will be a week day early March.

We got there at least 30 minutes early but we were staying off site so we had to go to the general Universal parking garage, line up there and wait and wait and wait for the busses to start running to transport us there. Back then on site guests didn’t get in one hour early like they do now.

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That’s what we’ll be doing also. Maybe the day before when we’re at the Universal parks, I’ll ask and see when the buses to VB start running.

We did Early entry and Kratatou was open during EA. But, the Fierce River was beyond the allowed area. They send you to a different area of the parking lot, and there was one line for EA buses and one for regular entry. And EA is only a half hour early. But, if I remember right, even at official opening, all the park wasn’t open but then we were there on a super low crowd day.
We liked it so much, on our upcoming trip we are spending a few days at Cabana Bay just to be walking distance to it.