Forgot to Order Complimentary Magic Band

I forgot to order my MB for my resort stay, and my trip in is three days. It won’t let me order online for pick-up at the resort now… Am I out of luck or can I still get one when I check in?

Sure hope this isn’t an indicator of how my trip will go! :laughing: I feel so scattered this time around!

ETA: Clarifying that I’m referring to the complimentary MB I was getting with my resort stay, not a normal MB order through ShopDisney.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get one at check-in, but the gift shop will have them for sale. They also sell them at the airport shop if that’s a convenient option.

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I have a bunch from previous trips, so I really can’t complain! :laughing: Just sad that I missed out on (another) free one.

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Oh I see what you mean now.
So, they used to give out grey bands if people didn’t choose their preferred colour.
I thought that had ended.

They aren’t free anymore. :frowning: only paid ones even with a stay.


While they aren’t free, if you order one for your trip (through the same system you used to choose your free band) the bands there are discounted from the cost you find on Shop Disney or in the stores at WDW.


Oh my. I must really be losing it! I thought there was an option to order a free MB when I booked my room, but it must have just been a discounted price and my brain interpreted it as a freebie! :woman_facepalming:

It doesn’t look like I have that option now at only three days before my trip, so I guess I waited too long.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!

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