Foreign Language!

As a newbie to the forum I am having a hard time deciphering all the acronyms. I know it makes for faster posting, and some of them are easy enough (WDW I get), but I’m laughing at myself trying to learn this new language. Has anyone posted a glossary?

FS in TX
(that’s Feeling Stupid in Texas)


Welcome! First, start here:

Also, just ask if something doesn’t make sense. If you read something, especially here (where we are not limited in our replies), that doesn’t make sense, just say, “hey I am new and that makes no sense”. We will slow down and write in real words😉


Welcome to Touring Plans! There’s a lot of acronyms, I remember feeling ridiculous not knowing what any of them meant. The posts above are an awesome start, but if there’s any others that you see that happen to not be on the list, just ask and we’ll let you know what it means! There are also some that have double meanings depending on the context (for example CM could mean Cast Member or Chef Mickey’s restaurant, CP could mean Crystal Palace or Candlelight Processional), so there’s definitely a learning curve :smile:

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