Forbidden Journey Refurb 12/1-12/18

This is a bit of a bummer, our trip is 12/11-12/15.

We’re going to be there Dec 8 - 10!!



That’s funny LissaKay, that’s exactly what I said when I read it.

Does anyone know if the castle tour will still be possible?


When did they post this??? I’m so sad! we’ll be there the 1st to 3rd, so we could waste a whole day of a ticket to see it the night of the 30th? I’ve seen it before, but 2 people I’m traveling with never have. I wish the castle tour will still be open, but I suspect if they are doing cleaning, and maintenance, the whole thing will be down! Such sad news!

Can anyone confirm if the castle tour is indeed closed or not?

On Lines, people had mentioned that they were able to do the castle tour.

There is a tweet from @TouringPlans on 12/3

I will be in the parks Tues-Thurs and will let you know what I see.

Thank y’all for the quick responses. We are here today and the tour is still open.

Glad to hear that. Checked in today and the desk clerk said it can be hit or miss.

Making the ride 3d would make sense

But they say it’s not that?

But what would take 2 weeks to do?

Could it be going 4D?

Are they doing something to hit back at FOP?

That article was from 2016. No news here.