Forbidden Journey ?-going today!

Forbidden Journey-how “scary” or how badly might it cause feelings of motion sickness? We’ve seen videos on YouTube and read reviews how it’s the best ride but can also cause motion sickness…how is it compared to star tours or flight of passage at Disney?

I don’t get motion sick on anything (and haven’t ridden FOP yet) so I can’t really help. I did a search of Forbidden Journey motion sickness and lots of threads came up, but I didn’t see any comparing it to WDW rides - there might be some though, I only had a quick scan.

I think it has the potential for motion sickness, but I never have experienced it. There are a couple scenes where it might be scary for younger kids.

It is very different from Star Tours, so hard to compare. Nothing really like it at Disney.

It’s the ride that gets me motion sick regardless of which medicine I take, where others I’m fine if I take medicine. However, it’s a ride that I have to go on each trip. For me, I make sure that I have eaten, and that I have a resting time before going on the other rides.

I’ve not been on FOP, but prefer this over Star Tours. This is a lot like Spider-man, but in the air. Maybe go on this as a last ride in case it causes you problems, then you can rest?

Thank you all for the prompt replies! I’m sure I’ll be fine but I’m thinking of DH and DS (10).

I get motion sick on spinning rides and Star Tours. I’ve not had motion sickness on FJ.

It’s an odd ride vehicle, unlike anything Disney has. You’re essentially sitting on an arm attached to a moving vehicle and the arm moves independently of the vehicle.

The ride combines 3D scenes and “live action”, which I personally find jarring as you keep getting snapped out of action sequences into still scenes.

There is a spider section, which I’ve always closed my eyes for.

I prepared my son for the spider part from YouTube, so we’ll see how this goes

The spiders are quite fake. Even my wife, who is mortified of spiders, doesn’t have issues with the Spider scene.

I do agree with @mousematt that the transition between types of scenes is jarring. Wish they had stuck too all one or the other. The Kong ride has a similar problem, although not as bad.

FJ is a very smooth ride. It does swing you around a bit, but not in a “jerky / bouncy” way. My DW has bad motion sickness and did this multiple times. Star Tours is far worse. My DW can’t even do that once.

You should love it!

We rode FJ three times in a row-ABSOLUTELY loved it!! :two_hearts:


I try to kick the dementors (sp?) every time! lol.


On our last trip, my DS and I rode it 10 times over the course of our trip. It is my absolute, most favorite ride ever! :revolving_hearts:


Great! It’s the best ride in Orlando and it’s a shame that almost 10 years have passed and WDW has not been able to top it. Maybe Rise of the Resistance will be better, but it should not have taken WDW this long!

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Really? I’m surprised people like it that much. First part of it is cool. But it feels like half a ride to me, and the rest was made because they ran out of money. (“Okay, guys, we need to fill the rest of the building. Anyone got anything better than a bunch of mechanical arm dementors? Anyone?”)

I wouldn’t rank that ride even close to the top ride at Universal, let alone all of Orlando! (And I haven’t even been on FOP yet.) Our last trip, I rode it twice over four days, but I would have been fine had I only rode it once. I mean, it is fun…but not all that.

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We aren’t extreme coaster people, so there’s that…:blush:. We are avid Potterheads, and hearing DS10 yell “expecto patronum” whenever we encountered the dementors was so much fun! DH really liked the Spider-Man ride.

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I really enjoy FOP, but not as much as Forbidden Journey. I enjoy the mix of screens and hard props and the Kuka arm allows for some unique motions.

We are extreme coaster people but we still love it - we are huge HP fans too and our expectations were equally huge. We were not let down! We got straight back in line after our first ride.

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Spider-Man blew me away the first time I rode it. I’d never experienced anything like it.

FJ is one of my least favourite rides at UOR. I ride it because it’s there. There are good moments, but for me it’s mostly meh.

We felt the same the first time we did Spider-man.

I don’t want to spoil for others, but the ride does have “story” issues. The premise of why you are having this trip to what happens at the finale don’t line up. They should be expelling you from the Hogwarts tour not hailing you as a hero.