For what its worth here is a BG strategy I found on reddit

I found the following on the GE reddit page. It never occurred to me that you could actually leave the park once you get scanned in, to get BGs.

"Get scanned into the park before official opening time, then immediately leave the park and go somewhere else. I walked toward the boardwalk and got on their WiFi which was not congested at all and was a lot faster than my cell service. Avoiding the interference entirely got me boarding group 15 and I got called very quickly so I had a nice leisurely stroll back to the park, avoiding the crowds and getting to basically walk right on when I got back. I recommend trying this out.

Most people think you have to be IN the park to get the boarding passes, but you actually just have to be SCANNED into the park. Avoid interference and crowds!"


I think I would need to hear more accounts of this working before trying it. If verified, this is a great idea!


My DH was there solo (down there for work) on Dec. 18, which was the day they changed the system to not opening up BGs until park opening time. He was scanned in and at the park, but right at 7:00 I got on our MDE from our house at the same time he was trying from there, and I was able to secure the BG for him before he was able to. Got him BG 9!


that’s amazing!

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Side note: I also got him FOP at the 3:01 drop the day before…he loved having me doing all his planning from home. Called me Wife of the Year! I told him it’s all thanks to the tips I learn on here :blush:.


Wow! He is lucky and totally owes you. :slight_smile:


The thing that worries me about trying that is the reports of people trying to get BG that were physically in the park and one or more people in their party did not register as being scanned into the park, even though they were all standing there. The advice I read was to get BG for everyone in the party you can and then grab a CM to sort the others. If you are no longer physically in the park, harder to prove you were. The idea of having someone offsite trying to grab BG for you on your account is probably safer.


I got my sister FOP while she was in the park and I was not. :+1:


When my son’s ex girlfriend was in Disney in August she texted me that her son loved KRR and there were no more FPs. I think it took me less than 5 minutes of refreshing to get them FPs from Massachusetts.


Wow. So where do you go? I far is the closest wifi

I am wondering if that would depend on your wireless carrier? We need a lot more data before I would be willing to test the leaving the park.


Yeah it seems that would come with some unknown risk.

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I am looping back to make sure everyone knows that both strategies were tested and confirmed this past week. They work for now.


Just to confirm, the strategies you are referring to are:

  1. Whole group Scan in, exit and walk towards Boardwalk to get away from heavy cell traffic to grab a BG.

  2. Whole group scam in and someone at home jump on and grab a BG for you.


Yes, both have been confirmed in the last week.


The whole group doesn’t have to leave, right? Just the one person booking for the group.

The whole groups does not have to leave and you can have people inside/out trying to get it at the same time.

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