For ticketed parties at Magic Kingdom like Halloween and Christmas Parties, what characters can we expect?

I am planning to attend the MVMCP on the first day of the party - Nov. 7th. I can’t get a FP+ for Anna and Elsa on our other day at MK so I was hoping to see them at the party. Do you think they will be in their usual meeting spot, if so, what can I expect with their line? And also, can you get FP+ during these parties? Thanks!

I can’t speak to the wait for Anna & Elsa during the parties, but I can give you a little info re: FPP. FPP is not available during the party times. That being said, historically Disney has allowed entry as early as 4 pm on party nights for party guests. You can schedule fastpasses from 4-7pm on the night of the party using a party ticket. If you are looking for additional info on characters check out (of course) the touring plans website and blog, as well as Kenny the Pirate ( he has tons of character info).

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