For those who had tickets "automagically converted"

I have a question for those who have had their tickets automatically converted by Disney due to the pandemic.

So, let’s say your tickets were for March 20 through some end date. When you went into MDE, were the tickets immediately showing up as anytime tickets as of March 20? Or was there some delay?

The reason I’m asking is this: We have date-based tickets starting May 10. We have decided to cancel this trip and put it off. I’m holding off cancelling the tickets directly through Disney because I presume they will end up being automatically converted to anytime tickets if I do nothing.

However, IF, by some miracle, Disney opens in June, I’d like to be able to schedule FPPs starting for June 11 (so, on May 12). But if Disney delays converting the ticket over, I wouldn’t be able to schedule FPPs 30 days out in time. Of course, I also don’t want to manually switch the dates to June 11 because I have my doubts they really will be open then as well. If that happens, then I’ll have to switch them, and then switch them again!

I cancelled my April DVC reservation two weeks ago. My FPs disappeared yesterday . This morning my tickets converted to April 29-Dec. 15th.


Just checked and my 4-park magic tickets have now converted to be good through 12/15.

This is what I saw within 24 hours of the first closure announcement.

And because they are now good 3/22-12/15 I can make FPs for any day in the next 30 days

Okay. The is good to know. That’s what I am hoping…the conversion happens quickly so that I don’t have to worry about FPs.


It depends if it happens quickly. Although my tickets converted well before the date, and most likely well before I would re-book fast passes, changing April 28th tickets on April 4th doesn’t seem too quick to me?

No. It isn’t. I suppose the biggest question really will be when Disney will decide officially to consider themselves closed for the May dates.

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Yes, I think if they announce they are closed through a date they convert the tickets but the “until further notice” makes it a little more questionable, and slower.