For the first time in forever...taking off my MagicBand 😢

It’s been almost a week since our first, and most wonderful dream trip to Disney World. Our thanks go out to the Unofficial Guide and all fellow Liners for the tips and advice that made it so great.

Even though we’ve been home for five days I haven’t wanted to lose that wonderful feeling so I’ve kept my MagicBand on and have been drinking from my new mugs and wearing my new Enchanted Rose pin.

I went down with an idea of “let’s see what all the hype is about” and left with “how fast can I get back here?” I guess I caught the bug. @JJT mentioned how one starts thinking of next year. Well I am already thinking about next month, or sometime in the next few months, coming back just with my husband. There is a lot of charming things that would be nice to experience just me & him.

I didn’t expect to love it that much!

Anyway, my purple Passholder band arrived today so now I’ve been given a place for my other two bands to rest until next time.

See ya real soon! :wink:


Welcome to your newest addiction!

PS My magic band has been with me for the past week, and I take it out of my bag and try it on from time to time :wink: Passholder band arrived Saturday!


This just made my night! You are the best!


It’s crazy isn’t it? My first trip was last October, and I was back in March and getting ready for my 3rd time in 46 days, this time with DH in tow. It took A LOT of convincing to get him to agree to come, and he still thinks he’ll like it mostly for the food, but I told him he just had to experience it to understand. It’s like what the whole world SHOULD be like. :slight_smile:



We were in the bubble for 5 days. As we prepared to emerge I learned about Irma. Had not heard about her prior to. Also heard about the changes to DACA. I wondered what all else happened in those 5 days, but then I realized I just wanted to stay in the bubble.


Just put one of my bands back on. :european_castle:

So the question is,

Should I plan for a husband-wife only trip in late October or early November (my mom will stay with the kids but we’ll have to bring the nursing toddler with us) and rent DVC points for a Deluxe,


Leave the kids with Dad (besides the nursling) and go for a solo trip late October and stay Value, and save the couple’s trip for say, January?

I’m always in favor of parents spending alone time together. For us, it is sometimes hard to remember to look at each other fondly as we rush past one another with live revolving around the kids. It is quite refreshing to say, “Oh! Hi there! You’re still sexy and I still love spending time with you!” It’s really good for you both, and as a trickle-down, really good for the kids too.

I’d do that first, and then work in a solo trip for you later on if you can :slight_smile: