For people with iPhones, having blank screen / loading issues

We’ve seen a number of people posting in the Bugs topic about pages not loading up when they go to /Latest until they hit refresh, or after they log in, etc. A large number of these seem to be people with iPhones, and since iOS users make up the large majority of our traffic, we’re going to tackle these first.

If youre having issues with the site loading, and have an iphone, please reply here with the following:

your iPhone model

your iOS version

your browser

make sure all javascript security settings for your browser are set to allow javascript

try visiting - its another site that uses the same forum software as us. If you make an account and log in there, and look around, do you have the same issues? This will help us narrow it down to an issue with our site vs the forum software in general.


I haven’t been getting those issues (yet), but I’ll take a look at the other site and see if I experience any differences with the UI.

I have the small spinning wheel at the top of my page that usually means something is loading. But it’s there constantly. Spinning all the time I am viewing this site, even if I’m not performing an action. Since wheel usually means something is loading so I’m wondering if this has something to do with the bandwidth/data usage issues many have been experiencing??
The forum is also wreaking havoc on my battery. Could also be related?

(using a 5s, with iOS 7.0.6 on latest version of safari)

The spinning wheel is just the background updating the app does to check for new posts - if it doesnt find any then it will have used 0 bytes of data. Even if it does find new posts, the amount of data it will bring over is very very small. It might be having a small effect on battery, but I dont think the effect is too much bigger than leaving any other app open for ling periods of time.

Thank you for the explanation!