For fun! Favorite burger or a slice of pizza

While at a park and you want a burger or pizza where is your favorite? You can also include a nearby resort.

Pizza at Roaring Forks at WL was great!

I’ve only had burgers at QS in the parks and they were all very forgettable. The pizza at Via Napoli is really good.

I don’t think I had a single burger on our last trip. DS has lots including at POFQ, RR, Sci Fi, LTT, Backlot, ABC - that might have been all. But he just said a burger is a burger :woman_shrugging:

The only pizza we had was room service at POFQ. It was fine, nothing special.

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I didn’t have any burgers on our trip. The pizza at Contempo Cafe was great, and at Via Napoli also.

Thanks for the feedback!

The burgers at SciFi are yummy! We also really like D-Luxe Burger in DS.
My son liked the bacon cheeseburger at POFQ so much he had it twice on our trip.

I know it’s burger or pizza, but I’m going outside the box on this one, but it’s still beef on a bun: the brisket sandwich at The Fountain restaurant at the Dolphin. It was so good i had it 3 times in 8 days. Unfortunately after i had it the first day they changed their menu and made some changes to this sandwich, but it was still really good.