For DVC owners who rent in these times

I know there are some of you who are DVC owners who rent points. So, I have a question aimed at you, specifically.

I have rented a DVC (Boardwalk Villas) for December. 7 nights. Great! Love it.

But, in light of the uncertainty of what WDW will look like, my wife and I were talking about if we want to do this December trip under various types of restrictions that could be in place. For some, we might, but for others, we’d rather push it off.

So, my question is…if we went to the person we’re renting from, and asked if we could shift our trip to the FOLLOWING year, what does that entail for them? How might that impact them? And, for the sake of argument, let’s say Disney is being slightly more flexible still in December as they are at the moment.

I just want to have some idea of what would be a reasonable request. As of right now, we’ve paid HALF of the cost of the rental…the rest of the payment isn’t due until 60 days before arrival. Hopefully we’ll know how Disney will be operating between now and then and this will purely be a hypothetical question!

Hi @ryan. I am an owner and I have rented from your same owner (I think?). Based on what that owner told me in the past, her BW points are December UY. She told me she did not have any BW points until December 2019. She should be able to bank those points (if she is using 2019 and not 2020 points). Check your contract, there will be a change fee.

This is based on what she told me when I last rented, and I believe I shared that with you privately?

Okay. Thanks.

Hmm. Forgive me, as I find this confusing. Let me see if this is correct, then.

With a use year starting December, this means 2019 points were starting to be effective from December 2019 through end of November 2020. If I’m using those points, she’s banking them into 2020 for me to use? Wouldn’t that mean if I wanted to move the trip back to December 2021, that those points have already been banked a year?

This kind of thing makes my head spin. :confused:

You would need to use banked December 2019 points before December 1, 2021.

Okay. So it sounds like if I wanted to move the trip back a year, she might lose out on the points (unless she can rent them to someone else). If I moved the trip back to a date BEFORE December 1, it should be okay.

Is this correct? (This is assuming she is using 2019 points.)

Based on what she told me, yes. She might tell you something different . It is possible they are 2020 points and that would give you more time.

It is reasonable for you to contact her and start talking about if she will be willing to move it. Also, your trip is at the lowest point time, so if it is not in December you might owe her money. Finally, a standard view might not be available.

Thanks. I plan to contact her…but I wanted to understand the rules under which she must follow before I did. I want to understand what would be a reasonable versus unreasonable request.

Appreciate your insight.

They could lose the points they have rented to you if they are inside of their banking window.

They might be planning to use their points next year and would in that case be unlikelty to rent to you

If I were said owner, I would have to decline to rent them to you for next year. In terms of the loss, I would ask that we split the loss (of points that would become unusable and unbankable if you cancelled)

Is this the same thing? “Banking window”? Do you mean that if what I have rented for December is on banked points?

I know, I seem dense…but I haven’t been able to fully grasp this all. Not for lack of trying.

But as I see it there are 3 windows. (Let me know if I am wrong.)

  1. Current use year window. So, for a December use year, the current window would be points from December 1, 2019 through November 30, 2020.
  2. Previous use year window, which are points which may have been banked. This would be points from December 1, 2018 through November 30, 2019.
  3. Next use year window, which are points which can be borrowed from to use in the current use year, but then wouldn’t be available later.

ETA: And, so, if a reservation were booked on points from the previous use year, but was cancelled, those points disappear entirely come Dec. 1, 2019 (in the example above)

December use year, points became available in December 2019. The would have to be banked by July 31, 2020 or would be “stuck” in this use year requiring them to be used by November 30, 2020.

Points banked into Dec 2019 from Dec 2018 would be stuck in 2019 regardless as they cannot be further banked forward (and there has been no leniency on this due to laws and regulations they are beholden to). They would have to be used by November 30, 2019 or lost forever.

Borrowed points would normally stay in year borrowed into but there has been some leniency here and borrowed points have gone back to their original use year under current conditions. Not sure if that will continue

This is true but this owner was supposed to change a reservation I made on December 1, 2018 (our agreement made in June 2018) and at that time I was told that s/he did not have any BW points until December 2019. I told @ryan1 this when I found out he planned on this rental so I am going to assume s/he was being truthful about those points.

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That makes sense.

Okay. :dizzy_face::exploding_head:

Thanks for the further explanation. Although it is clear as mud to me, I feel like I do have some semblance of understanding now! :slight_smile:

Regardless, I know ENOUGH to communicate with the lady who rented to know what to ask.

Thanks again.