For anyone still having forum issues on their mobile phone

I’ve been losing track of whats still an issue and what’s been fixed since people are posting issues in a few different places, so to keep everything in one place, if you still have problems using the forums on your phone, please fill out a report at this link: Mobile Issue Tracker - Google Docs

This is not for feature requests, or things you want to see, but rather for things that are broken that make the forum difficult to use on your phone.

There is a template in there that you can copy and then paste in the same document, then fill out. If you have any questions, let me know! Thanks!

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@daybreaker I am sorry to bother you with this, having been debating the last few days if I should, seems so unimportant but thought you should know… The like tally the last few days has not been tallying correctly. I have noticed Myself and others having more than 10 likes but not showing up on the badge. I know it sounds so silly but I wanted you to know. Thanks so much for your time…PS All the hard work you’ve done last 2 weeks or more someone owes you a case of beer! :wink:

Do you have a link to a post that has 10 likes and didnt get a badge? Also, do you have one that isnt in the La Cava Del Chat category? One theory someone else had, that made sense to me, was that since La Cava is technically a restricted category, its possible people cant earn badges for posting in there.

Thanks @daybreaker. Yes all three of mine are in the La cava category so that has to be it. Thanks so much for taking the time… Have a great weekend!

@daybreaker just filled out the form. It seems the search feature/box isn’t working on mobile now. I’m using chrome on iPhone 8.0. Nothing comes up automatically like it did before and there’s no “go” button.

My search button is working if I use the search icon on the keyboard (Android). I can now see who is replying to whom on my phone. That’s a huge help!

Edit: it was working. Now it’s not :frowning:

I still can’t see who is replying to whom. On both chrome and safari on iPhone ios8.1.

From chrome: (I hope this sticks)

Nope. I don’t have the reply thing.

That’s chrome. I just refreshed Safari and the reply feature is working there.

I’ll check it out. Hopefully it’s just a minor CSS issue. We needed to make our own “hack” to display the ‘in reply to’ on mobile, so whenever we update the forum software, if the developers changed the HTML around in even the slightest bit, it could cause it to break.

HI! I can finally log in to forum from my iPhone but now I can’t upload pictures in a post. Is this a problem for everyone or just me??? editing for @daybreaker

Hopefully I’m replying in the right spot, not on someone’s comment. When touring plans sends me a text that they’ve found my reservation, I click the link and its all kinds of messed up. So I quick get on and by that time, the reservation is gone. I have an android note 4 phone, chrome internet.

Is anyone else not able to change their park selection on the itinerary in their dashboard?

Is this on the website or the app?

Mobile site

For the app, this is what I just did:

First go to your homepage and dashboard

Then go and select park

It then shows up on your dashboard

To delete, go back into the select parks

It should be missing (hope these posted in the right order)

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That works…thanks

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