FOP - wait time dip at 10.00 am?

Hey everyone. So, I’m putting together this personalized touring plan for Animal Kingdom, and it looks like there’s a pretty big drop in wait times (flight of passage) every day around 10:00 AM. My plan is nudging me toward this time slot, but I’m a bit on the fence about it because just 10 minutes earlier or later, the wait time skyrockets from 55 to 95 minutes!

Do you think this could be some glitch in the expected wait times, or is it legit? Would love to hear if anyone else has noticed this or has any insights!

Thrill data doesn’t show that. I always like to cross reference with thrill data. They show different things. Check it out!


Do you have EE? If so, that would be the ideal time. The other ideal time is to get in line at least 1 minute before park closing. Once the ILL line closes, the line moves quickly. If it rains, the park empties! That would be another good time to ride!

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out!


Yes, we have EE so we will go that route. If that doesn’t work out we will try your other tips. Thanks!


And welcome to the forum!!

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Show up at least 45 minutes prior to EE! Follow the crowd to FOP. Because ILL doesn’t start until park opening, the line will move fast! Enjoy! It’s my favorite ride!


I agree, TD doesn’t show a dip at 10am.

Worth mentioning is that the buttons below the TD wait time chart allow you to show more detail eg every 15 minutes.