FoP timing question for ADR

Hello! First time posting. We leave tomorrow for our WDW trip and will be at AK on Monday. Our group has a FP for FoP at 4:45pm and ADR at Yak & Yati at 5:15pm. I’m worried that might be cutting it too close? Is 30 mins too short to get through FoP and then to dinner? And what’s the usual “grace period” for making it to your dining reservations. 10 mins?

TIA. This has been a very helpful group to read!

You should be fine. Even if you are a little late it should not be a problem .


You can get to FOP a ltitle early.

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Usually five minutes but I was worried about saying that with FoP?


Ive waited up to an hour with a FP for FoP in October. The ride had been down several times that day and was working at reduced capacity. Two other times that week, I waited just 20-30 minutes. You’ll be fine to be late to the ADR.