FoP help needed

Was not able to get FP+ for FoP so planning on RD on an EMH morning. We plan on being at the gate at 7 for 8 opening without any bags. I am not familiar with the layout of AK so direction is needed. I know I will be following the crowd but which side is best if there are an bottlenecks. Anyone have any experience with RD FoP on EMH morning? Crowd level is a 6 the day we are planing to go. Any help and advise is appreciated.

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For timing - I was there for Rope Drop on an EMH morning in late September. We ended up waiting in line for FOP about an hour. I didn’t get there an hour before RD like you are planning to do, it was closer to 8:00. On a previous visit (just after FOP opened in June) we did the same thing on an EMH morning, and waited about 40 minutes.

For direction - we got through the turnstiles and followed the crowd, most everyone went to the left side of the oasis. When entering Pandora, be sure you don’t follow folks heading to the Nav’i River Journey, bear to the right for FOP. There are plenty of cast members with signs.

If you are going to be there by 7:00, you should be fine, but don’t expect to walk on.

For what it’s worth, I also did a rope drop on a non-EMH morning, the line and wait for FOP was shorter.

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No advice for what you’re asking, but keep trying for a FPP up until the day of your trip and maybe even that day. I was able to get mine later the same day I was able to book, but multiple others came open throughout those 60 days.

When you said you were able to get a FPP later did you book something and then modify? I booked Navi River. Should I just keep trying to modify and something may come up?

You should keep on trying to modify! Arriving at 7 for an 8 opening should be good. When they let you into the gate the crowd all goes to the bridge by Tiffins. Once there they will stop you. They walked us up about 50-100 feet about 15 minutes later and then walked us to the attraction about 15 minutes after that.

I had two days at AK. For Saturday, I started with NRJ since I couldn’t get FOP at day 61. I tried to modify for FOP every day before my trip. About two weeks before trip, when I tried to modify, FOP showed up so I replaced NRJ with FOP. Was able to get FOP as a 4th FP that day as well. Two rides in one day.