FOP FP wait time and ADR?

first time to AK in April…we have FPP for FOP at 11:25-12:25. ADR at Yak & Yeti at 12:45. Accounting for the queue, ridetime, and walking, what time should we hit the ride to not be late for lunch?

I would go right at the start of your FPP time


I completely agree with @OBNurseNH.

thanks so much. backing it up, the FPP before is Safaris 10:10-11:10. we may have trouble getting to that right at the start. any idea the latest I could comfortably start Safari to make it to FOP by 11:25?

Ouch! That could be a close one! You just never know when a giraffe will decide to chase the animals into the road or decide to lay down and sleep in the path. The safari routinely can exceed 30 minutes. I would get there right st 10:10.


Yes the safari can be a bit unpredictable. I had a rather lengthy FPP wait last month because a rhino was blocking the roadway. I would not want to be at Safari any later than 10:30ish

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FOP and yak and yeti are firm. Other plans flexible. Was hoping to do NRJ, EE, and DInosaur, all standby from opening til safari fp. Might be too optimistic. Thinking I should move the safari fp to after lunch, and allow more time for those 3 before FOP FP

What time is RD? I think you’ll be able to do that.

RD 9am. You think we can do those 3 before 10:30? Or before 11:30?

I agree that moving that fast pass until later will give you more flexibility.

I think you could do them by about 10:30

What does your TP indicate for a timeline?

TP thinks its optimistic. I havent changed on MDE yet, but if I move FP for Safaris to after lunch, it all seems more doable.

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Then I would do that. Everything is more enjoyable with less stress. It’s vacation after all!

Just went to MDE and moved safari to after lunch (bumped back rapids to after safari). Really like the am plan now. Dinosaur, EE, and NRJ before FOP FP at 11:30. I figured I had until the 30 day mark to tweak things how I want (except for FOP and 7DMT of course) thanks for the input