FOP for people with disabilities?

Wondering if anyone who requires an ECV for a disability has ridden FOP. How is the line? How far can u go on your ECV in the line ? My husband IS able to transfer to rides but uses a crutch to walk and has difficulty lifting his legs very high. He can however get onto a bike if he tips it to the side enough. Do u think he will be able to ride this ride ?? Any thoughts/help

Anyone have any experience??

This is an important question and I hope you get it answered. Are you part of chat? If you don’t hear from someone soon, try asking there. Many folks have family members who use an ecv.

I can’t speak for the queuing part of the question

The ride itself:

I would describe the ride as like getting onto a motorbike

It’s quite a wide seat in that respect

I don’t recall the object you get on being able to tip to the side for you to get on though and I think that when you get on them they are fixed upright

That being said kids can get on them so they can’t be too high for short legs to be able to get on them?

Not sure if that helps or not?

Quite a lot of rides nowadays do have what you have to sit in or on somewhere outside the entrance though so you can check suitability. Not sure if that applies for this ride?

There were numerous people in the FPP line in wheelchairs (manual and electric) whilst we were there, but I never saw an ECV.
For getting on the ‘bike’, as I have a bad hip I sometimes walked onto it from the back rather than putting my leg over the seat. It isn’t an elegant way to do it as it requires a wide-legged waddle but it might be an option :slight_smile:

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