FOP for 6&8 year olds

How scary of a ride is this for kids. My daughter can be kind of a clinger. We went on seven dwarfs mine train 2 years ago(which she calls the high ho ride) and she was so scared. I just worry that since they ride kinda solo that she might freak out

That’s such a hard question to answer. My daughter is 7 and had never even been on a roller coaster before. AK was our first day so FOP was our first ride. I was a nervous wreck worried about her, even during the ride bc it is very intense. I had told her several times in advance to just close her eyes if she got scared. Turns out she loved it. LOVED IT! I think she was more scared on Barnstormer days later.

I agree, depends on the kid. DS8 loved it, but he’s a daredevil when it comes to rides. Just remember you each have your own ride vehicle so they can’t cling to you.

yep that’s what I was going to say. Aside from ride content (there are a few videos floating around online if you want to take a peek), you are on your own “bike”. You will be able to reach your kids to touch them but you won’t be sharing a seat.

I think it really depends on the kid. My niece and nephew (5 & 7) thought it was the best ride they had ever been on and wanted to do it again and again (didnt happen with the 3hr+ posted wait time). My DD8 was terrified and refused to go on any other rides she hadn’t already experienced unless she could see the whole ride before entering the line.

My DS7 loved it and rode it twice courtesy of rider swap. He will normally ride all the roller coasters but decline to ride them a second time after getting off the first ride.