FOP for 5 and 7 year olds

Is FOP too intense for my DS’ 5 and 7. I don’t want to go crazy waiting in line or trying to get a FPP if they won’t enjoy the experience. My AK day would be FPP 60+3 so not sure it would be possible to get a FPP for FOP that day. Advice?

I don’t think so. If they like Soarin they will do fine.

My DS is 5 and he is not particularly adventurous. He loved FOP. Go for it!

Regarding your FP 60+3, I was just able to book FOP at 60+3, this was for dec 27. I booked within 2 hours from opening and there were FP’s from 4pm until late at night.

I’m also curious if my 4.5yo will enjoy it. He has been to Soarin just before he turned 4, but I had my arm around him and he was a bit shaken, but he did say he liked it!

My 8 year olds who LOVE Soarin’ and Star Tours were traumatized by FOP. Screamed bloody murder through the whole thing (sorry to everyone else riding with us!). It was my husband’s favorite. My MIL found it so intense she couldn’t look, but can’t wait to go back and try to keep her eyes open this time. We saw kids their age and younger who loved it and those who hated it. I don’t think there was any in between. I also don’t know that there is an accurate way to predict based on another ride experience. Like I said, ours had done Soarin’ and Star Tours multiple times without any issue. Even though they HATED it, I am glad we tried it and I hope they will give it another try some day. I will work to get FP for it next time regardless so they have the option in case they will ride. But I won’t push them more than offering a little encouragement given just how bad it was last time. Either way, my husband and MIL will definitely want to ride at least once so the FPs won’t go to waste. I for one love Soarin and never have any problems with it. I get motion sick on Star Tours so avoid it but otherwise it doesn’t bother me. I can totally appreciate how amazing FOP is and will always have it in my plans because I love how much my husband enjoys it, but the intensity was just more than is fun for me so I would be fine if I never rode it again.

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Based on the above comments and after looking at a few videos, I’m leaning towards not taking my 4.5yo to FOP. seems a bit too intense for him, Soarin was ok because he could be right next to me but thats of course not possible on FOP. he is a bit on the sensitive side

By the way, how long does FOP roughly take with a FP? On a very busy (CL 8-9) day, middle of the day

I was just going to recommend that if he was a little shaken by Soarin to skip FOP. Friends who happened to be in AK the same day we were told us it was too intense for their DD8. Mine was fine, but I would just say don’t underestimate how intense it is. And the ride mechanism can be intimidating to little ones and they are strapped in without their mom or dad. I would leave 30 min at least for riding with FP. May take less, but sometimes there are delays.

There is a cool drum area right outside where your 4.5 could play.

I’m going to let my husband and 8-yr old ride it first and get RS for myself and my 4 and 6-years olds. I figure that my 8-year old should be able to judge if the younger ones will like it or hate it based on previous rides, and my husband can tell me if I’ll get sick on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, if he has any trouble at all on Soarin’ I would definitely not attempt FOP.

If they are okay to do Star Tours and Tower of Terror and other roller coasters I would say yes. Otherwise, no way. FOP is very realistic. I always feel like I’m going to actually hit a tree or something.

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My 6 year old loved it, but he is also very adventurous and loves all the “big rides.”

If they are good on Star Tours or Soarin, go ahead. If not, then skip it. I wouldn’t compare to Tower of Terror – that kinda scares this middle aged lady and FOP is a breeze in comparison.

I think that is a great point. For my kids, I actually think Tower of Terror and larger roller coasters would have been a much better predictor of how they might react to FOP. They aren’t phased by Soarin’ or Star Tours but neither of them would consider going an TOT and I think it was the very realistic and intense drops etc. that were the biggest problem for them in FOP.

That makes sense. FOP is so unique, though, I think it’s hard to say what rides are indicative. DS (5) did well with the moderate coasters (ex. 7DMT) but really, really disliked TOT. As in, he took about an hour to recover from TOT. For a long time, he had this dazed look and he didn’t seem to be fully taking in what was going on. He looooved FOP, though.

My DS8 and DS6 loved it. We watched it on youtube before our trip and that really helped them mentally prepare. DH took DS6 first because he is the adventurous one. He came back so excited that DS8 gave it a try. Was his favorite ride. DS8 does not ride Space. One tip I had was to put a headband over their glasses so they stay on and they aren’t fumbling with them. Worked great for us.

My 4.5 year old was an inch too short so he didn’t get to ride FOP. In hindsight it may have been a little too intense for him anyway. He is pretty adventurous and did love Soarin though, but I think the slight increase in intensity would for FOP have been too much.