FOP Fast Pass today

Today was my fast pass day and while I did pretty well, I need to readjust my plans in a few respects. I was able to get a 2:05 pm FOP fast pass, but I had originally planned to either be at a Sanaa for lunch or be back at our resort for an afternoon break at that time.

My question: There are still evening FOP fast passes available. Should I move it to the evening? I was hoping to be able to try for one of the FOP same day drops in order to get an extra ride on FOP, and we won’t be able to do that if I move FOP to the evening. But we are also planning on rope dropping for an 8 am EMH morning (and hoping to do FOP then too) so I know we will be very tired by afternoon and ready for a break! If we’re all hot and cranky trying to wait until 2 pm, then that won’t be so fun. Kids are a little older (7 and 9) than when we were there 3 years ago, so maybe I am overthinking this.

The fast passes will probably all be gone by the time I make a decision, but thought I’d pose the question since I can’t decide!

I would get it later if that fits better into your plans (this way your plans are in tact either way and you are guaranteed one ride on FoP) and then try to modify it to an earlier time later on. If that doesn’t work you can try to modify to get an earlier time day of at the first drop and then if you get the earlier time, then try one of the later drops for another ride on FoP.


If we were to keep the 2 pm fast pass, one option would be to just sit and relax in Pandora for the hour and half or so before the fast pass window opens. I see that there are shows for Pandora Rangers and Pandora Drummers - Swotu Waya during that time. We could also eat at Satuli Canteen. Are those shows interesting/worth it to see? Keeping in mind this will be the end of August in midday heat, would lunch at Satuli plus those shows be relaxing? Will it be easy to find a shady spot? I’m assuming that will all be outdoors…

There is a big covered eating are outside Satuli. No AC, but at least shady. You could also consider an in park TS to replace Sanaa…Yak & Yeti, Tiffins, Tusker House.

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I would recommend doing a table service as recommended above or going to see the lion king show or Nemo rather than watch the Pandora entertainment. I found it to be quite warm and not a lot of shade in that particular part of pandora and was too warm to watch the shows and this was in May, never mind August!

You could maybe try having a break in the Nomad Lounge (Discovery) - it looks like they have nice big comfy couches (you might even get a nap in haha) and you can order some snacks and a cool drink.…i&w=800&h=533&itg=1&bih=937&biw=1920&q=nomad%20lounge%20animal%20kingdom%20park&ved=0ahUKEwion9jY0vviAhUMcCsKHfolAdYQMwhuKBswGw&iact=mrc&uact=8