FOP Fast Pass/Rider Swap question

Two questions in one here:

(1) I was making my touring plan for AK over the summer…it is stating that, even with using a FP , FOP is a 50 minute wait - could that be right?
(2) we will need to do the rider swap for this ride as my little one wont quite make the 44" cut…If the FP line is 50 minutes when my husbands goes first, when its my turn, will i have wait on the entire fast pass line or do it get the jump to the front of the line?

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  1. I went on FoP using a FP during Spring Break (crowd level 8 that day?) and I used a FP and it took us 15 minutes to get into the room for the amazing pre-show so I personally don’t think that’s right.

Did you check off Rider Swap on the TP? Then it is already factoring in the swap time.

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You’ve selected to do RS in your plan, right? I know for my August plan, it’s showing 48 minutes with FP, so it’s counting two 20-25 minute waits in the FP line, which I think it about right. Of course, I’m hoping it’s a bit quicker.

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Crowd level is expected to be a 5 the day…

I had the Rider Swap checked of, and then i unchecked it to see…still says the same time.

when you do Rider Swap - does the 2nd person wait on the FP line or is there a different line for them?

They wait in the FP line.

I’m seeing this too all of a sudden for a similar CL day and definitely don’t have RS checked.

FWIW we went about 3 weeks ago and had a FP for FOP and waited 56 minutes to get on the ride. So waiting in line and doing the two pre-shows took 56 minutes. Then another 5 minutes for the actual ride.

We had an estimated 45 minute wait for ours and I asked a similar question and got answers all over the board. My best guess is… your mileage varies significantly. I would go with the plan and be happy if you end up with extra time (I walked right in through strangely empty hallways and was first in my line, but I did wait there about 7 minutes).

I also went during Spring Break the week before Easter. We did RD for the Navi River and hopped into the FP line for FoP right afterwards. The entire duration of waiting in line through to walking out at the end took about 50 minutes.

We did RS with FoP on March 5th in the evening and it took about 70 minutes total. DH was done in about 25 minutes. I took the 3 littles on NRJ with FP and we were done and still waited about 15 minutes for him. Then I took DS6 thru the FP line with the RS and they were having some technical issues which is why mine took at least 35 minutes total (from entrance to exit). So definitely allow at least 60-75 minutes to ride back to back!

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