FOP EMH latest information

I know the basic question has been asked a thousand times, but I was just wondering what the latest advice is. As we are almost at the end off another mad summer season has anything changed, I’m hoping it’s calmed down a bit?

We are finally making it back to the world after a 4 year gap, so some new stuff and thanks to touring plans we are confident we can get everything done. We are using the advantage of EMH at all the parks then getting out early having a break before hitting a different park in the evening. Each morning we are planing on being at the gates 10-15mins before EMH start (we’ve never done EMH before) I’d assumed that would be enough time, but I keep seeing recommendations to get to Animal kingdom 30-60 before opening. The day we are there EMH start at 7am park opens at 8am do we really need to be there for 6am?

Also is everyone still going straight to FOP we have FP for 9am and I was thinking of doing a walk on at 7am then going again at 9am on the FP as we have never been on it and everyone keeps saying about how great it is, and that you should do it at least twice! How long do you think the queue will be at that time. Touring plans thinks I should do Navi River first and then the wait would be 47 minutes for FOP does that seem realistic? Even if I force Touring Plans to do FOP it still thinks it will be a 46 minute wait, which feels like all we’ll be doing is using the EMH to go on FOP.


With 7am EMH you probably don’t need to be there quite as long before opening as 8am EMH, but I’d still advise being there by 6.30 at the very latest.

Yes everyone is still going straight to FOP. You’ll probably be able to ride twice in a row with a relatively short wait at 7am, but if you’ve got a FP you might not want to, I don’t know. Touring Plan info still isn’t totally accurate. You might want to start your plan with the 9am FP and wing it beforehand - everything except FOP will be short waits.

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Thanks for this, well I see what we can manage, we will aim to be there nice and early what about the other parks 10-15mins before EMH is that enough?

I’d probably do 30 minutes but I expect you’d be ok with 15.