FOP during EMH

How longish am I looking at? Do you think there is a possibility we could get it in under an hour?

If you RD FOP, you should be done around park opening for EMH. They let guests into AK 30 minutes before EMH park opening.

We arrived at 7:10 for 8 AM EMH. They let us in at 7:30. We kept on walking until they assigned our preshow number at FOP. We we off the ride a bit after 8.


Going on FOP for the first time this April with a FP. Sorry if this is a dumb question but do they always assign a preshow number or only for EMH or when you RD?


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I can confirm that they make you do the preshow each time. I love DAH events at AK and the last time I did it the final two rides of the night at FoP had no more than 4 people. We’d all been on before & they still made us go through it.

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