FOP Downtime and FP at night?

So, I just got fastpasses today, and I don’t love a lot of the times I’ve gotten. I’m playing with my touring plans to try to make things work… and I’m OK with what I have now… except for AK.

Right now, I have a FOP for 10:40. I expect we’ll RD Navi, and I’d like to hit up Satu’li for Dinner, after Rivers of Light. So, that mid-day FOP FP kinda sucks.

I could modify it to a 7:00 FP. After RoL, we’d go over, have dinner, and then ride it as our last ride of the trip. That sounds kind of fun, but is it a bad idea? What if it goes down? There’s no hope of coming back later. How often DOES FoP go down? Will they kick us out at some point?

I think my second choice is to modify FoP to about 3:00, after our midday break. That kinda sucks, too, though. I don’t really want to be backtracking so much.

Any other ideas, folks? I WILL be stalking fastpasses for the next 60 days, I guess. :nerd_face:

I was unable to get a FastPass for Flight of Passage the morning of my 60-day scheduling. And I have been searching multiple times a day since then to try to get a FastPass for only two people with no luck. If I were you I would hang on to what I had!

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If it does go down at that time of night, your anytime FP would be good for the next day, up to about 4pm I think, for either FoP or any other ride.

We got one for FEA when it went down one night - we weren’t even at Epcot, it was a back-up FP in case we had decided to see Illuminations that night. We used it the next day at AK for Dinosaur at around 3pm.

So if your plans the next day we’re flexible, you could go ride it in the morning and move on…

So, after some deliberation, I decided it wasn’t worth risking the late FP. It’s our last night on property, and we’re not planning to go to the parks the next day. An anytime FP wouldn’t get used, unfortunately.
I’ve got a midday FP, now, for about 2:30, which will be OK. We’ll end up in Pandora a LOT that day. I’ve left the last hour of park time open, though, so maybe we’ll get to re-ride it this way.

Thanks for the opinions! It sure is helpful to talk these things out with other planners. Hubby just says “whatever you think”