FOP - Divide and conquer?

Hi everyone. First time posting and first time to AK with the kids (4 & 7) on March 28, 2018 (CL 8-9). I plan on arriving with the hubby and two kids at AK at 7:00 am for an 8:00 RD near FOP, but 4 yr old doesn’t meet the height requirement at FOP. The 7 yr old does. We have a FP for NRJ at 8:20 am. I kindly request some feedback on my plan to split and have my husband take the 7 yr old to FOP, while I take the 4 year old to NRJ. I’m thinking that if we are situated in the front of the pack, that by the time the husband and 7 yr old exit FOP, that the 4 of us could meet outside NRJ and ride as a family again with the FP. Is this doable? Thanks in advance for the advice. Everyone is so knowledgeable here. :smile:

I think you’ll probably be ok with that plan. If you can push the NRJ FPP back just a little that would probably be best just in case FOP takes longer than expected. I think NRJ will take a LOT less time than FOP, so you and the 4 year old may have some time to kill.

Will you get a rider swap?

Thanks for the response folks. Ive never used the ride swap option but now that you mention it, that would be the way to go. Thanks!

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