FoP at RD with Rider Swap?

Up until this point, I hadn’t really considered RDing FoP, because we’d have to do rider switch with our DS2. I’m also trying to have both AK days be slightly slower mornings since we’re planning to see fireworks the evening before. The goal is to arrive at park opening and start off with a FP instead of arriving for RD and hurrying to a ride.

All that said, everyone says FoP is AMAZING and I think DH and I would really enjoy it. Should we plan to RD it? We could do rider switch or split our turns on FoP between our two AK days and take turns taking DS2 on Navi with FP while the other person RDs FoP. Any advice?

I see you didn’t get any replies here, so I’ll put in my 2 cents and see if anyone else knows better. I have not done rider switch on FoP at RD, but there is no reason I know of why you can’t/shouldn’t. The reports I’ve read say it is pretty crowded and difficult moving with a stroller in the RD crowd, but I think that’s probably true all over the place.

If you get there for RD, you can go get the Rider Switch, one of you rides while the other takes DS2 on Navi, then switch and do Navi again while waiting. Everything I’ve read says the Navi line stays pretty short early on if you are at the front of the RD crowd for FoP. If you are a little late or end up at the back of the pack and don’t want to wait for FoP because you have a FPP later, just go on Navi all together.

You know your family better than anyone, but trying to hit RD after fireworks the night before would not work out well for my family.

Another thing to consider if it is just you, DH and DS2, is that you only need one FPP for FoP. Lots of people have success getting these same day, and since you only need to get 1, it should be much easier for you.

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Thanks for the input! I think RD will be too much after a late fireworks night (Illuminations is way past bedtime), and I don’t want to push us over the edge. Quality not quantity is going to be my mantra! :slight_smile: