I was thinking of skipping FOP because of my size. I’m very over weight and don’t fit on rides like roller coasters. Any chance i’ll fit on FOP?

Reports are that a lot of the issues are with calf size. I think I’ve read about 19in is the max. They have test seats outside the ride, but I believe they don’t have the full restraints so not sure how useful they would be.

Thank you we will have 5 days in the parks one day in each and a lets go back day to revisit I’ll fast pass FOP for that day. This way on our full day at AK I can test the seats if i fit good if not I can cancel the FP

We were at DW last week. Grand Daughter and us (grand parents). My wife was concerned about fitting after trying the demo seat outside. We went in using a FP and it was a short wait. When went to the seats she felt uncomfortable (she’s big in the front). She left and went to wait. The ride was great.

When we came out the young man gave us all an extra FP because she didn’t ride. I think she could have gone but it she felt too tight.

FYI I’m 6’1" and 250. Fit with no problem.

We used the FP on the Navi river ride. It was OK.

Overall the AK day was great. Hot and sticky but great.

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Thank you we will try the rest of the party might still want to ride with out me.

I rode FOP a few days ago. I’m 5’9", about 280 lbs. and I fit just fine.