FOP and Early Morning EMH TP wait times

How accurate are the wait times in general in TP for EMH? it is showing me 96 min for rope dropping EMH for FOP? Can that be right? I know the lines are crazy for this ride and it is Spring Break Week - but I am flabbergasted by that. I also felt like wait times for my rope dropping HS EMH plan seemed much longer than I would have expected as well. Thoughts on accuracy of EMH wait times in Touring Plans?

At this point I am gonna pray for a FP and then worry about building my plan around it for whenever I can get it.

TP wait times do not factor in rope drop advantage. They are the wait time if you arrived at the park entrance at opening, so much higher.

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For fop you have to be in the front of the pack. If not, the ‘rope drop’ line is the longest they’ll have all day.

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Pandora/AK and SDD/HS parks open around 15 minutes b4 stated opening. So for 8am emh, that would be 7:45.

We got to AK around 7am, were near front of crowd- not even in front! Everyone started running walk to FOP, so we got a bit left behind b/c littles with us.

Still, we got on ride & done by around 8am & did Navi as a walk on right after.

Used same technique for RD’ing SDD on a 9am day. Didn’t work quite as well, since more room for the fast runners, so got ahead of us. But I 've been hearing that lately CMs are walking people to SDD, not allowing the running there anymore.


Good to know - we’ll have a double stroller too so same issues will apply.

That may be accurate timing for emh days, but they are opening Pandora around 8 on 9 am opening days too. So definitely make sure you’re early!
15-20 minutes early for TSL is what we experienced two weeks ago as well and they walked us all the way to sdd so no one was running.

So are you saying that FOP is now opening at 8am on a 9am scheduled day? I’d not heard that so far. I’ve been keeping up with folks’ RD experiences on Chat for about 6 months now, not heard anything about that.

I think they are letting the RD crowd in just before the bridge or around that area well b4 9am or so. But the ride itself is opening at 15 minutes b4 announced RD still I think?

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Another liner @cjandres shared this in our facebook group recently:

For those who are curious: Arrived at 7:45. In park 8:10. Pandora at 8:20. Headed to ride cue by 8:25. Cued link chambers at 8:35. Out by 8:55. At 9:10 3.5 to 4 hour wait.

This is accurate to our experience as well. AK was our first park day and we didn’t realize how quickly we would get to the park, so we arrived at the gates at 8:10. We didn’t ride FOP but people were in Pandora already and the line was already getting long. People were definitely getting off the ride well before 9.

I don’t know what time they started the actual ride, but you need to get to the parks by 8 am if you want to get in front of all those other people.

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Do you know if this was EMH or a day park opened at 8? Time of year?

I am going during Spring Break (I even think I am nuts) - crowd levels are 9 & 10 for AK whole week. Just wondering if these experiences are comparable.

This was a couple weeks ago in January on a 9 am open park day. This TP video is what we went by. Same timeframe for us & everyone else I’ve heard has done RD FOP. 8:45 (7:45) is the time folks are let into the FOP line. Not heard of anyone allowed in any earlier.

This person that you read in Facebook may have had a different experience @Cgerres. But only by about 10 minutes difference. @Cgerres, were you able to RD FOP yourself, or did you go later in the day, hopefully with an fpp? We weren’t able to get any fpps for FOP, so we chose to RD.

We got to taps around 7is for 8emh, got in FOP entrance line 7:45, earliest.

We did the same day drop for fop fp. No matter what time they start the ride, my advice to arrive by 8 am for a 9 am opening is the same.