Hi all

Looking to buy some new trainers for our trip in october(hopefully) so I can wear them in.

What’s everyone’s goto (male)footwear?

Go to a running store or a specialized sport store where they can fit you for shoes.

I like the crocs santa cruz slip-on style. October is pretty hot yet, so I couldn’t bare to wear socks. Light weight and never a sore spot. Don’t have to worry about getting socks wet.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

I have two pairs of these now having worn out my first pair with excessive use. My best trainers ever!

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I love New Balance, but you have to try several styles on to find what works for your feet. Some New Balance shoes are so-so. But others are amazing.

I have tried other brands, some of which are good…but for my feet, New Balance are just best.

Note: You shouldn’t have to “break in” a pair of shoes. If they aren’t great as soon as you put them on, move on.

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My brother swears by (and I also wear) brooks. Addiction for motion control, adrenaline for overpronation. Go to a running store and get fitted.

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While my shoes feel really great when I first put them on, I still have to wear them a few times for a few hours while my legs get used to the feeing of new shoes. I call that “breaking in” even though the shoe feels good at the beginning.

Brooks are my go to shoes. I love them and they are worth every penny.

Shoes are definitely important, but so are the proper socks. I have shoes I can walk miles and miles in, but with the wrong socks I get blisters.

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Also Body Glide!!
It’s the business :+1:t2:


I happened to be looking at this website yesterday wondering the same question. I believe there is a version for mens as well via the same travel blogger.

Here’s the link for the men’s for what its worth!

DH likes those Teva sandals, too, when it rains. When it doesn’t he wears Merrell Moabs, and has for years. So does my oldest. They try other things but always come back to these, for everything from Disney to four days backpacking in the Tetons. They are gore-Tex lined but the sandals are better for a full-on wet ride or downpour because they dry out faster. Wet socks are yuck.