Footwear for the parks?

I usually wear my running shoes in the parks for maximum comfort/full day in the parks, but I do see people wearing certain types of more comfortable flip flops as well as TOMS, was wondering if anyone had recommendations as I usually pack both of those but end up wearing my sneakers in the parks.

Wear whatever you are most comfortable wearing at home. You’ll be doing a lot of walking. I like my sandals, but I live in sandals at home. One of my sons is all about the crocs, while the other does skater shoes. DH like sneakers and socks, even at the beach, so that’s his choice.

I live in flip flops months out of the year here lol. But every once in a while if I do a ton of walking/shopping in them I’m sore and wish I would’ve worn my Nikes or Brooks running shoes. I find TOMS incredibly comfy as well.

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I wear Keens (sport sanders) and clarks flip flops :heart_eyes: I love clarks and have multiple colors of the same flip flop.

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We don’t usually go during the hot summer months, but I would definitely wear my Clarks flip flops. They are very comfortable and secure on your feet. No chance of them flying off. :slight_smile: I have also worn some very lightweight Skechers with the memory foam insoles. Super comfy! Whatever you wear make sure they are not brand new.


Sanuk Yoga Slings have been recommended on a site I found about what shoes to wear before/after running the marathon at the parks. The footbed is made with yoga mat material. Plain colors are $38 on their website.

I haven’t actually tried these on yet but highly considering getting a pair. I am going in January though so I’m not even sure what weather will be like and if I can wear shoes like that.

I wore a pair of Sanuk yoga flip flops for my last trip, and they were awesome. The only time in 5 days I wore anything else was after it poured one day, and they were wet. I walked an average of 23,000 steps a day and my feet never hurt.

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I won’t allow my children to wear flip flops because someone always steps on them and trips them accidentally. We all do running shoes.

I just purchased my second pair of Sketcher GoWalk 3. Love them.

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WOW! Just took my GoWalks out for a spin at a long walk through the zoo. 8 hours in the heat! Felt like I was walking around in slippers. My feet were dry as a bone when I kicked off my shoes. Thank you SO MUCH everyone for recommending them!


I love my TOMS but ended up with blisters on the bottoms of my toes last year after wearing them all day and running around at my kids school carnival… I do not think they would be a good park shoe! I’ve decided they are more of a run to the grocery or out to dinner shoe!