FootGolf? Or Golf? With Parkhopper Plus

Anybody tried FootGolf at OakTrail? Was it fun? Busy? Looking for creative non-hectic things to enjoy on our trip.
Also, I have a golfing husband and two non-golfing kids who like going to the driving range. Would they be okay on the Oak Trail golf course that’s advertised as a “family” course?

I just spoke with someone who used to work for Disney Golf.

She said that of all the courses, the one that is most “user friendly” for golfers of all abilities is LBV. Magnolia I believe is the one she cited as having a lot of water hazards, making it technically challenging, and Palm is the one used by PGA and has very long holes. Interestingly she didn’t mention Oak Trail at all but the site suggests - especially being par 36 - it would be family friendly; note that that course is walking only.

You can do just 9 holes if 18 is too much. I’m a baby golfer and had a great time at LBV in April. Just FYI to my knowledge there are no driving ranges at WDW.


Attractions Magazine has some YouTube videos of Foot Golf at Oak Trail.

There are several golfers on chat too. You may want to ask there.

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