Food & Wine Strategy?

We’re going to Food and Wine for the first time on Sept 28 (woohoo!). We’re going on a Sunday so I know it will be more crowded than a weekday, but can any veterans tell me what we can expect? Right now the plan is to head to WS as soon as it opens, take a break around 1:30 and then head back in again around 5:30-6.

We don’t want to feel rushed as we do like to watch the films and explore the countries. Is 10-12 booths, plus time for attractions/strolling around too ambitious?

We managed all the booths, a mixology seminar and Party for the Senses over two days last year, so what you have planned is pretty manageable. If you’re feeling a bit rushed: split up to different booths then meet to eat?

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I’m the same… I love wandering through the different countries. If I only had one day though I’d be pretty hesitant to take such a long break. Will you have small children with you? The weekends bring in a lot of local crowds so it’s going to busy.

Thanks! Yes, DH and I have said that we will split up if we find we’re feeling rushed.

No small kids, but we are going with our parents who are a bit older and it sometimes can be like having small children. :smile: We don’t need to take such a long break, but I like to be prepared. My mother has already mentioned wanting to go back to the hotel and rest midday. That being said, DH and I are happy to send them back on their own and stay in the park while they take a break.

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I have been reading the Disney food blog to see pictures, menus, and reviews so we are essentially calling which booths we want/figuring that out in advance so when we do get there we can reduce “hmm, what food is here?” Time.

Following. I am going on the first day and it is supposed to rain… Eek