Food & Wine Festival when you are on the Meal Plan

I plan on getting free dining during my trip, and wouldn’t you know it - the Food & Wine festival will be going on the entire time.

I’m not sure how to taste treats and not wast my credits.

Any ideas?

Some booths (not all) will allow you to trade one CS credit for three choices (labeled snack credits) at one booth. You can also save all your snack credits for the booths. If there are two of you for five days that would be 10 credits.

I was worried at first about crowds and stuff when I found out Food &Wine will be on during my trip. But I’m rearranging to not plan for Epcot on a weekend day. I am instead planning two weekday evenings at Epcot, and we will use all our snack credits there.

Honestly, even though I was worried at first about Food & Wine, this will be great for me. I don’t normally take full advantage of the snack credits but I’ve read that a lot of stuff at the booths counts for snack credits. I pre-ordered DFB’s guide so I can scope in advance too.


I switched out a counter service option for 3 snack credits and I think it was at the Chew lab. I also used all my snack credits at food and wine. We were there on a Friday but planned to leave by 4 for our dinner rescue and by four it was starting to get crowded. Avoiding the weekend is good.

I am planning my 2019 trip and will be there for the food and wine festival. We (3 adults) are using the Deluxe Dining Plan for a 7 night stay so will be awash with snack credits. After snacking around the world, did you need to eat a restaurant meal? Trying to decide whether to schedule an ADR for that evening?

We did the whole drink and eat around the world last year during F&W. Four adults, shared amongst us. We started around 1pm and did not have dinner. That ended up being snacks and dinner.

I think we grabbed something at the resort when we arrived at 8pm.


Yes, I think I have always just had something late night at the resort or a lounge.

So not an ADR just a snack at the resort? I can see that they have Signature Dining food and wine pairings as part of the festival but nothing suggests that you can pay for these using table service credits.

I have never done one of the upcharge events but they are very popular.

The F&W booths are great uses of snack credits. You’ll get maximum value. Personally, I would never change a CS credit to 3 snacks, even at F&W. I’ve never had any trouble using all my CS, TS, and snack credits though.

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We still had a late TS at night after snacking and drinking but we only had 2 or 3 items from the food booths.

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I traded a couple of QS credits at booths. Usually that value was around $20 for that QS.


You can use snack credits at Food and Wine and you can convert a,table service into three snack credits.

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Are there also food booths at Christmas time? I’m a little confused as to what exactly the holidays around the world thing is, other than some different entertainment…

You can convert a quick service credit to 3 items ( listed as snacks) at one booth. I wouldn’t use a table service.

There are also food booths at Christmas – I don’t think they’re as extensive as the ones for Food & Wine, however (never been at holiday time, so can’t speak from personal experience). Disney food blog has 2017’s holiday booth menus if you want to get a general idea.

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Thanks! I’ll have to check it out and see what we might find!

I don’t think I used any TS credits. I know I used at least one QS credit and maybe all my snack credits.