Food & Wine Festival trays?

I saw on a 2014 F&W post that the Festival sold plastic trays with a beverage cutout to help guests hold multiple dishes of food and a drink. Do they sell such a tray every year or should I do as Disney Food Blog suggests and bring my own plastic cafeteria style tray? I’m a major foodie going to F&W for the first time this year and it’s not unreasonable to think I will be buying 3-4 dishes from a single food booth. Haw.

You have to carry that sucker all day long. Not worth it IMO


If you order 3-4 dishes from a single food booth, you are NEVER going to make it all the way around! Lol. Unless you have a huge party, in which case you should have lots of hands, you will probably only want 1 or 2 things from each booth for the sake of stomach space.

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